Tuesday, February 8, 2011

How many of us noticed and feel the change of the new working world.

Many of us can relate back to when our parents were working as we were growing up and they worked in the same job their entire career until retirement. I am sure many of us can say yes to that. Well now times have changed and so has the working world around us.  Many of the jobs out there do not have the loyalty or respect for the employee anymore just for the work at hand like robots in a factory working endlessly.
There was a time when I can remember that the employer took care of their employees and promoted the hard working ones making sure they had job security.
Those days seem to be long gone, along with many other things we all grew up to know way back when. The change came with time and suddenly it was upon us the change of how the working class would be treated and taken care of. Many company's started off with cutting people before they made the time to collect a pension, others came in the form of cutting back benefits and not some were even cutting out raises.
While these changes took affect so did the fact that you did your job and your job only for what you were paid to do. Companies now want all of their employees to be multi taskers doing more then one person's job but getting paid for just the one they were hired to do.
The other change has been in attitude. I am sure we all have worked or work a job where they're treated like garbage by the bosses and are expected to except this behavior or they can look elsewhere for a new job. It seems now that there is the lost art of respect for the employee. Change is a good thing but not when it's in such a negatively impacted way. Bosses talk down to their employees, they threaten them with being fired. One of the stand outs for me has been the good old you work hard and do everything asked of you being that model employee and the person who doesn't do a thing seems to be the one promoted.
I often wondered how that came to be and worked out. As most of us I am sure have many work horror stories to share can only come to the realization that we need our jobs to survive. But we are all still left with the same old question...when was it that the working world changed into this beast. Some argue it's the newer money hungry generation and others say it's the companies that created this. I as many can also argue it comes down to greed. Take what you can from your employees and give as little as you can still getting the job done.

This has changed and affected the quality of life at work and home. Companies don't realize or maybe don't care to realize what affect's in the long term this will have on people and productivity because they don't want to pull off the blinders and see. One day the evil world and walls will come to a crashing fall and this will allow these employers to realize that taking care of your employees making them happy etc. will only bring good things for the company. Not always is being a Scrooge is the best rememdy. 

This is a blog I could write a book about but just wanted to put it out there and make employers see and understand what we as employees are going through.  Also want them to think back when they were in our shoes how it felt and hopefully changed will come.  Until then all I can say to my fellow working class is to stay true to who you are and keep striving for better. When your time comes move on to bigger or better things if not both.


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